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Sunday, 26 September 2010

Have you wow-ed?

My thoughts, as a marketing major.

Have you seen how kotex promote her new pads?

Yes, the pads that are no longer white, but with printed designs. Check them out.


I would say its quite pretty. what i especially love is its packaging. I like the reusable drawstring polybags that carry individually wrapped pads. *No longer feel embarrassed to buy pads or even put the entire package into my bag.  I think, for pads, having a pretty packaging is ultra important. In fact more important than having a pretty pad with printed design. You get what i meant? Its like, come on, this is just a pad. I might even stained it immediately after i put it on.

BUT as a marketing major, i think this can be used as an advantage to create word of mouth. So i kept thinking on what i would do if im in K.C.  The more i think of it, the more excited i felt. I will spend as much money as they are spending, but instead of promoting these designed pads a couple of weeks before its launched in the market, i think i will do it at least 1 month after its being launched. With a slight difference in packaging as compare to the other pads, I believed the WOW factor would be much greater in that sense.

Imagine yourself being moody the entire day.. just as you opened up the pad packaging, you see something different!! I'm sure this is going to create lots of WOW-ness!!

What i feel about Kotex pads:

I converted myself to be a fan of kotex couple of years ago. I love it being,

  • so thin yet so so absorbent

  • ultra comfortable when using

  • fresh clean scent

  • most importantly, affordable!!

Go redeem the samples if you have not.

I got mine already, and im really excited. They are not only sending the pads, but also 3 discount vouchers!! Totally in love with Kotex :D

Sunday, 19 September 2010


Instead of saying you've changed, I believed I just don't know you well enough.

Monday, 13 September 2010

Wendy's not Wendy

Whee.. Really love Wendy's. Especially their side dishes :) So darn yummy! Totally dig the baked potatoes and chilli beans.
The cheese on the baked potato is really creamyyy and very rich in taste. couldn't stop eating eat. we went up to the counter to get another one after finishing the first potato. yes, its really that nice.

not forgetting the burgers. this is probably the best beef burger I have eaten. the meat is really thick, juicy and beefy and the portion is just nice.

the price is a little on the high end, comparing with other fast food outlets. but still, affordable. i'm quite sure im going back very soon. *i hope they will open more branches in the near future, preferably somewhere in the heartland area. hehe

Saturday, 11 September 2010

new found love

guess what i found in the fridge just now... Before i even spot the 2 boxes, i can smell them




durian mooncake (snow skin). smell nice and i heard from my mum that its really nice. money well spent on. i always think, we should pamper ourselves once in a while.

the family stop buying the traditional mooncakes, ever since my mum brought home snow skin mooncakes. recently, i passed by this factory that makes traditional mooncake and was really tempted to buy them. the smell of the mooncake is really very nice and strong.  the thought of it makes me really hungry now :s

Wednesday, 8 September 2010


The people who thought of recording this very moment rockz!! Its really touching and definitely brings lots of messages to the different people who got to see this video from  different parts of the world.

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Agnes B


3 million thanks to the family clique. 21st birthday present. i think its really nice and they key can actually unlock the lock. so urber cool.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Garnier Light


Bought this night cream recently and i like it. it contains pure lemon essence and natural peeling fruit extracts. these essence helps to exfoliates dark skin cells and peels off dullness. in other words, we can say bye to dark spots :) very simple. all i need to do is to apply a very small amount (not too much, if not it will be too greasy) at night and go to sleep. this cream does not have any unpleasant smell unlike other creams/ lotions. this enhance the overall experience while applying it onto the skin. after using it for a couple of months, i feel that my dark spots and blemishes have lighten. Yeah ~~~