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Monday, 21 February 2011

Rosken- Dry Skin Cream

"Every day your skin loses moisture and precious nutrients from the sun, wind, air conditioning or exercise. A simple daily routine of moisturising your face, hands and body after showering is essential to replace lost moisture, and help prevent dry skin."

I started having dry skin on my lower legs since secondary school days. It started off with the normally fine lines in the skin becoming more visible. The skin feels rough and appears dull and flaky too. The condition got worst and fish net-like cracks appeared. It was still alright until it starts to itch and became painful cracks. Repeated scratching every night resulted in rough skin.  I have tried using J&J baby oil and Vaseline lotion, but none helps.

A couple of months ago, I was at Watsons shopping and came across Rosken products. The sticker on Rosken Dry Skin Cream caught my attention. It indicated that the cream was being awarded as "Best Beauty Buys The Singapore Women's Weekly 2010 Winner". And so, i bought a tub home to try.

Clinically proven dry skin relief:

  • significantly increase moisture levels from first application

  • double skin moisture levels in just 4 days.

  • help skin retain its moisture from first application

The dermatological formulation of humectants and occulsive emollients:

  • assists in the rapid relief and long lasting protection of dry and damaged skin,

  • attracts water into the skin and instantly increases moisture reserves

  • enhances the skins flexibility, softness and smoothness,

  • forms a protective barrier preventing further moisture loss and enhances the skin's ability to repair itself.

Enriched with Olive Oil Extract, which contains natural antioxidants helping to regenerate skin tissue and regulate the natural moisturizing system of the skin.

Contains Dimethicone, which softens the skin by filling in tiny gaps between skin cells. It then forms a protective layer to lock in essential moisture.

pH balance - suitable for use on body, hands and face - Cream formulation for very dry & damaged skin

Directions: Massage into skin morning and night after showering or whenever skin feels dry

I was really amazed by how wonderful and effective the cream is. It works, seriously. I felt the difference in my skin the very next day after my first application. Within 2-3 days, the fish net-like cracks disappeared. The lower legs stopped feeling itchy as well.

It is a bit lightweight and spreads easily on to the skin. Other than its effectiveness, i like the cream because it absorbs almost instantly and doesn’t leave me feeling sticky or greasy. After application, it will not restrict myself from doing anything. Neither do i have to wash my hands after putting them on. The cream has a light lime smell and does not overwhelm like many other creams. With Rosken Dry Skin Cream, i can now have moisturized and hydrated skin for the entire day <3  If you have dry skin, you should try and feel the difference.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Remaking 'Home' for Total Defence

MALAY rock legend Papa Rock, entertainer Dick Lee and up-and-coming singing sensation Olivia Ong may not be the faces usually associated with Total Defence.

But they were among 39 home-grown artists who came together to sing the song Home, picked to jazz up this year's campaign.

The song, which has been rearranged to give it a new spin, made its debut on Tuesday to mark Total Defence Day. The annual drive aims to remind Singaporeans of their role in defending the country. This year, the campaign, which started in 1984, is taglined 'Home - keeping it together'.

Song producer Kit Chan said getting the singers together to record it and to film the video was a Herculean task, as some are based overseas. She first sang the song, written by Dick Lee, at the 1998 National Day Parade.

'I feel as if my baby is born... there is very good energy and I feel the love,' said the 38-year-old, who started working on the project last year.

*credited to The Straits Time

Monday, 14 February 2011

Tony Moly - Shiny Foot Peeling Liquid

For whatever reasons, my heels start to crack a couple of weeks ago and has a mild unpleasant odor :x It looks really ugly and i'm stopping myself from wearing shoes that will show my heels when i walk. I tried to exfoliate my feet and put on lots of foot lotion, but it doesn't help much. Decided to give this product a try when i saw it on GMarket. Got it off at $9.40, inclusive of delivery fees.

Did i say I'm into GMarket recently? Some of the products you see on the site are from Korea and prices are definitely lower than what you see in local market. subscribe to their newsletter if you have not, and be updated with their promotions :)

This special treatment for foot calluses contains plant-derived extracts, and will make your feet soft and supple. It removes rough dead skin cells from your feet, leaving your feet smooth and silky soft.

How to use:
Pour the liquid into the socks and gently place foot in and leave on for 1.5hr. (you may also wear the socks first and then pour the liquid in). Rinse off with lukewarm water.
From days 2-5, dead and rough skin will start peeling off from the feet. You may very gently rub off these dead skin cells while in the shower.

Not sure if you can see the picture above clearly. Anyway, the sock is designed in the way that you can tie them up, so there's no problem with moving around in that pair of socks. It works like a foot mask. The liquid is cooling and has a pleasant smell. Throughout that 1.5hr feet pampering session, there is no discomfort feeling at all.

I did not observe any immediate result after the 1.5hr session, other than some flaking on my heels.The dead skin start coming off from day 2 onwards and stopped by the 5th day. My feet felt much softer, smoother and healthier by end of the week. That's my HERO product :D

As expected, my feet look terribly dry and ugly during that 4 days of peeling. But it looks like baby feet now. Overall, i like the result the product gives.  I wouldnt recommend that you use the product frequently, cause i think the chemicals in the liquid can be quite bad to the skin.

When i'm younger, the skin on my palms always peel off during a certain period of the year, without me doing anything to it. I guess its fine cause it only peels off once a year. Its like changing a new set of skin. With that kind of thinking in mind, I wont use any of such chemicals on my feet for the rest of the year. Afterall, i don't know the effects of using such chemicals frequently. I promise i'll take good care of my feet now, and do everything to prevent it from cracking.


How to Exfoliate Feet for a Pedicure

  1. Buff the calluses and dry skin on your feet with an emery board. Use gentle back and forth strokes to remove the dead, dry outer layers. Do this before putting the feet in the water bath.

  2. Soak the feet in a warm foot bath for at least five minutes. You may add salt or other products that soften the skin if you wish.

  3. Lift one foot out of the water and apply exfoliation cream in small circular motions. Apply the cream to a loofa sponge or pumice stone to help reduce calluses. Exfoliation increases the circulation, stimulates the lymph flow, removes dead skin and smoothes the skin's surface. Be gentle when applying to the top of the foot.

  4. Place the foot back into the foot bath and rinse the exfoliation cream off.

  5. Repeat Steps 3 and 4 on the other foot.

  6. Remove feet from the foot bath and dry them. Wrap them in a heated towel for five minutes.

  7. Apply a gentle lotion and massage it into the foot. Peppermint lotions can leave the feet feeling refreshed and tingly.


Monday, 7 February 2011

OPI Malaysian Mist

Totally in love with nude colored nail polishes recently. Yeah, i'm going after the "clean look" now. So i bought this off from GMarket immediately when i know it's selling at $9.90.

It is a very nice, gorgeous nude. I prefer my nail color to be opaque, so i applied 3 coats to achieve the nail color you see below. It's the perfect shade for work, important meetings, dates etc.... and when you want to create good first impression :)

Directions for use:
  1. Start with clean, dry nails.

  2. Working from just beyond the cuticle, use smooth strokes to apply colour evenly towards the nail tip. Using the brush 'fanned' flat will help cover more of the nail.

  3. Keep your brush-strokes moving in the same direction for a smoother finish.

  4. Apply 2nd coat only after 1st coat of nail polish is completely dry.

Love the nail polish because....

♥ Long lasting: no chipping nail polish after 5 days

♥ Easy to apply

♥ Nice color - beautiful shade of pink

♥ Can choose between sheer or opaque color.

Saturday, 5 February 2011


An advance Happy CNY to everyone! May the new year bring you more joy and happiness ♥

Usher in the Year of the Rabbit

Regarded as the oldest and most important festival in the Chinese calendar, the Chinese New Year, also known as Lunar New Year, began as a traditional celebration to welcome the harvest of spring.

In Singapore, it is an occasion that marks the importance of family ties and happiness. Preparations for the Chinese New Year start as early as a month ahead, with festive decorations and the liveliest celebrations taking place at Chinatown and Marina Bay. Chinatown Chinese New Year Celebrations, River Hongbao 2011 and Chingay Parade Singapore are part of the inaugural Spring Festival Singapore. The theme for the celebration this year is “Passing on the Light”, which represents the significance of passing on cultural heritage and accumulated wisdom to future generations. So head down for unforgettable festivities with bright lights, fantastic food and a joyous time.” *extracted from*

one of the "must-do" before CNY is to visit chinatown. 2 years ago was with madness, last year with uni clique and this year with fq.

we were pretty disappointed with this year's visit though. the cny decor is relatively lesser and less fanciful this year. the rain has also somewhat affected the atmosphere.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011


To be truly beautiful, a great complexion is essential. Everybody wants a great complexion; unfortunately, not everybody is blessed with perfect skin. With increasing age, radiant & blemish free skin is no longer a given. So this year, I am determined to put in lots of effort to make it happen.

To dos:
(1) Exfoliating and using facial masks once a week (p.s. using it on alternate days is not advisable as it only spoils the skin complexion instead of improving it)
(2) Drinking at least 1.5l of water every day
(3) Trying to sleep at 11pm
(4) Having a good diet (You are what you eat. If you eat greasy, bad foods. You'll have greasy and bad skin.)

I bought a few boxes of masks during the Christmas sale season and had just received 3 boxes of LoveMore facial mask from TSS and Lush Group ♥ Oh, by the way, i only use sheet masks cause they are super convenient to use. Don't you agree?

There are 6 types of masks with different benefits and 3 types of 3D masks with ear-hooks. Each type of mask has its own unique packaging and design, which I must say, are really kawaii!! I doubt any girls out there can ever resist not to bring them home.

許瑋甯, Lovemore Taiwan's ambassador, is an Italian-Taiwanese actress and a model, famous for her role in the Taiwanese drama, It Started With A Kiss and its sequel, They Kiss Again. Very envious of 許瑋甯's defined jawline and fair skin?

And Kary Ng, Lovemore Hongkong's ambassador

Check out what Kary Ng has to say about the masks!

“I finally finished my work, and the first thing that I do when I reached home is to pamper my skin! I want to recommend "LOVE MORE MASK" which I use daily to everyone! Other than pampering my face, I think it is important to take good care of my neck too! This 3D mask fits perfectly to my face, and the ear-hooks wraps my face and neck~ you will turn beautiful and fair with just 20 minutes a day! To babes who want to become prettier, let us enjoy "LOVE MORE MASK's" Magic!!”

The under chin /  neck area is usually the forgotten part. With LoveMore 3D facial mask, you no longer have to worry about neglecting that area. The mask comes with ear hooks that further enhances the lifting & firming of the skin at your NECK, mouth, cheek and EYE area. The ear hooks also helps secure the mask, making sure that it adheres closely to your skin so that the essence is absorbed better. and of course, you will be able to move freely as you were pampering your skin. I was 大扫除-ing when using the mask :) There's lots of essence within the mask, so much that a tiny bit of essence "splash out" when i opened the packaging. The essence is light, slightly scented and can be absorbed easily. The skin became brighter with just one usage. and not forgetting the honey combed structure of the mask which is said to provide better absorption of the essence.

checkout what 小季, taiwanese blogger, has to say about the lovemore mask

"這款面膜除了含有美白成份的山茶花之外, 還有添加玫瑰電氣石!!有負離子導入的作用 讓美白成分更滲透喔! 敷完後臉整個就亮一號耶!!!

小季還要提到這款面膜我覺得很棒的地方就是菱格設計的面膜布!! 菱格面膜布超級服貼的!!!敷面膜的時候 面膜布其實還蠻重要的  如果夠服貼 對精華液就可以均勻吸收  而不會黑一塊白一塊 整體而言  小季非常推愛戀膜法系列的面膜. 成分方面比sexylook的面膜更吸引人 效果也很不錯  而且價格超平價"

Unlike some other mask, this mask is lightly scented (pleasant smell some more), and has lots of essence within it. The essence gets absorbed into the skin immediately without leaving any greasiness on the skin.


to maximize effectiveness of the mask, exfoliate your skin before usage. put the mask on for at least 15-20minutes and do not wash the essence off, instead pat it dry.

You can also purchase LoveMore masks at your local Watsons stores!
•3D Mask 5 pcs @ $8.90
•Mask 5pcs @ $7.90

Not sure if the mask suits you? Grab your sample today at